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Induction of Ovulation (scheduled intercourse)

Indução da Ovulação (namoro programado)

Ovulation is stimulated by fertility drugs to increase the number of oocytes produced in a single natural cycle (normally only 1). The medication is given at a low dose and aims to produce 2 to 3 mature eggs.

The main indications for this type of treatment are changes in the menstrual cycle such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Baseline medical tests of the couple (sperm count, hysterosalpingography) must come back normal. For the treatment to be successful, sexual intercourse must be scheduled to coincide with the woman's most fertile period, which is determined through ultrasound follow-up. From 3 to 4 ultrasound tests are usually needed during an induction cycle.

Success rates per attempt: from 10%-15% per treatment cycle.